Welcome, Doctor!

Breed Bacteria

Breed countless bacteria in order to infect entire planets

Buy Upgrades

Upgrade your colonies to increase your bacteria production and unlock new features


Research bacteria mutations, irradiate colonies and produce Nanobots to strengthen your germ armies

Destroy Planets

Use the collected bacteria to attack and destroy planets. Can you conquer the whole Universe?


Infect Everything!

Start out small by cultivating bacteria in Petri Dishes and Germ Flasks.

But bacteria grow quickly, and, by commanding them to do your bidding, you will soon have enough resources to build entire factories, space stations and even artificial planets exclusively for breeding new diseases.

Unlock the Power of Genes

Collected from previously destroyed planets, Gene Strands will help you conquer the Universe even faster.

You can use them to purchase powerful upgrades or to increase bacteria production.

Command Nanobots

Nanobots are here to help!

They infect huge chunks of planet population so you can destroy the rest of it more easily. Producing them, however,  can be time consuming…

Evolve New Species

New strains and species appear by the minute!

With some investment, you may be able to discover the bacteria that will greatly aid your mission of galactic conquest.

Mutate the Perfect Killer Bacteria

If you ever come across a planet that puts up a resistance, all it takes is some extra preparation and ingenuity to crush them completely.

How about combining your strongest germs into a new deadly lifeform?

And More…

Hoard Minerals

While preparing to take over new planets, you might stumble upon rare minerals that can be used to improve lab equipment.

Explore the Black Hole

As you travel through the Galaxy, your scientists notice strange formations in a distant star system. What mysteries could it entail?

Research Dark Matter

This rare substance holds great hidden potential for furthering your master plan. After establishing the Dark Matter Institute you will discover technologies others dare not dream of.


Bacterial Takeover is a free-to-play incremental game for Android and iOS devices where you play as a mad scientist who is bent on destroying the Universe with infectious bacteria.

Initially, you will only be able to produce bacteria by tapping on the screen, but you will quickly unlock the ability to spawn new ones automatically.

Different upgrades will let you increase production when not tapping or when tapping for extended periods of time, letting you specialize in idle or active gameplay as well as switch between the two.

As you progress further in the game, new research options and game mechanics will be revealed. It will help you greatly when attacking increasingly difficult planets.

Player Feedback

Here are a few reviews found on Google Play and App Store.

“Addicting game play that keeps bringing you back.”

May 21, 2017

“Super addicting. Tapping started to hurt my fingers, so I just boosted the non-tapping growth instead. It sounds weird but this game us super fun because you can play it without doing much, or put a lot of thought into strategy and play a lot. It doesn’t seen to penalize you for trying something different, which is nice. It’s one of the few games I can put down for 12 hours and not worry that I’ll miss something important.”

May 31, 2017

“Loving this game, been playing for a few weeks now. A fantastic idle clicker that really maximises the idle part. Also doesn’t use a ton of battery life which is a plus!”

Eloise Pelser
August 31, 2017